SuperClean Laundromat

Laundry Made Super Clean, Super Fast

Super Clean Laundromat is the best at what it does, which is clean laundry. If you have laundry, Super Clean Laundromat will get it super clean, it will be done super fast and everything about it will be super easy.

When it comes to getting cleaner laundry our extraction washers can’t be beat by anyone.  Think of them as 50% Washing Machine on Steroids and 50% Computer. Most people use our default cycle, but you can change water temperature, wash intensity and length of cycle to exactly meet your needs. Regardless of the cycle used, our extraction washers deliver much cleaner laundry with whiter whites and brighter colours.

While much cleaner laundry is impressive, what makes Super Clean Laundromat outstanding is how much faster your laundry can be completed. We have lots of machines, in different sizes, that allow you to finish any amount of laundry quickly. No more sitting around waiting for the machine you need and if you have lots of laundry then use multiple machines and get it all done super fast.

We have

  • 10 x 8kg Extraction Washers. Same size as a large domestic machine
  • 10 x 12kg Extraction Washers.
  • 4 x 16kg Extraction Washers. Ideal for Super size doonas & blankets
  • 14 x 16kg Express Dryers. These are 50% larger than other laundromats.
  • 4 x 24kg Express Dryers. Even larger.

And because no one likes pet hair in their wash, Super Clean Laundromat also has machines dedicated to cleaning Animal Linens, such as horse blankets, cat beds, dog toys, etc.

  • 1 x 16kg Extraction Washer dedicated to Animal Linens
  • 1 x 24kg Express Dryer dedicated to Animal Linens

Enjoy SuperClean Laundromat

Great machines and lots of them is outstanding, but when did you last enjoy using a laundromat?  As a customer, you are the most important part of Super Clean Laundromat and we will do everything we can to make your visit fast, easy and yes, even enjoyable.

This includes

  • Easy to find out about us. Oh look, you’re already on our website.
  • Easy to get to our location. Got to love Google maps.
  • Easy parking. Lots of on-street and off-street parking.
  • Easy access to the building. Automatic front door and rear door for fast access to the parking lot.
  • Easy to get change. Change machine on site converts 10c, 20c, 50c, $2 coins & $5, $10, $20, $50 notes into coins.
  • Easy to get Detergent. Detergent Vending if you forget to bring your own.
  • Easy to use washers and dryers. Large signs explain how to use machines.
  • Easy to fold clothes. Multiple large folding tables are provided.
  • Easy to relax
    • Well-lit with CCTV
    • Air-conditioned
    • Lots of seating
    • Free high-speed Wi-Fi
    • Television
    • Magazines
    • Snack Vending
    • Toilets
  • Easy to entertain kids. Yes, adults can and do join in.
    • Kids’ Corner with blocks, games and colouring-in
    • PlayStation
    • Free high-speed Wi-Fi

And after all this, Super Clean Laundromat still has an ace to play. We have an attendant on site to help customers and to serve REAL coffee. The attendant also provides our Express Laundry Service which can save you even more time. Attendant hours are 7am to 6pm Mon-Fri and 7am to 11am Sat mornings. Come in or give us a call, we’re here to help.

Express Laundry Service

Express Laundry Services include

  • Wash & Dry
    • General laundry
    • Large items
    • Pet linens
  • Folding
  • Ironing
  • And most important of all, Serving REAL Coffee

Core Services


  • Open 5am-10pm 365 Days. We have lots of Extraction Washers and Express Dryers, so you can do your laundry when you want and get super clean laundry in super fast time. Our largest machines are ideal for king size doonas and blankets and we even have dedicated machines for animal linens such as horse blankets, cat beds, dog toys, etc. With ample parking, easy access, a change machine and detergent vending doing the laundry is super easy. To make your visit enjoyable, we also have Air-conditioning, Toilets, Free High Speed Wi-Fi, Television, Magazines, Kid’s Corner, PlayStation, Snack Vending and lots of seating. Super Clean Laundromat will get your laundry super clean, super fast and the whole experience will be super easy.

Super Size Machines

Ideal for any Doona or Blanket 

  • If you have a large item that needs cleaning, Super Clean Laundromat can help you out. Our largest washers and dryers can handle king size items like mattress toppers, doonas, blankets, quilts, comforters, curtains and even mats. Large items like this are washed and dried at the laundromat every day and if you are at the laundromat during Attendant Hours we will happily advise you on the best machines and cycles to use. Another option is to use our Express Laundry Service which for large items costs no extra, you only pay for the washer and dryer that are used to launder them.


Pet Laundry

  • When it comes to animal linens like horse blankets, saddle blankets, pet beds, pet blankets, etc Super Clean Laundromat has the perfect solution. It has a 16kg Extraction Washer and a 24kg Express Dryer dedicated purely to this type of cleaning. Like all our machines, they provide a great clean but with these you don’t have to be concerned that a few pet hairs might end up into someone else’s laundry.


Express Laundry Service

  • Our Express Laundry Service is available weekdays(Mon-Fri) 7am to 6pm and can include Wash & Dry, Folding and Ironing. Simply drop-off your laundry at the Laundry Service counter, tell us what you require and leave the rest to us. Depending on your requirements, we will sort, pre-treat, wash, dry, fold and iron before sending you a text to advise the service is completed. You can then collect and pay for your laundry at a time that suits you. All laundry services are covered by our money back Guarantee. If you have a query, please contact us during Attendant Hours.




 Robert is the brains of the outfit. Yes, we know we’re using the term loosely, but he is the boss and often sits doing very little. What else are we going to say?



Dawn is the powerhouse of the laundromat. She never stops working. Be it cleaning, laundry service or helping customers, she is always on the go. Actually, there’s no proof that she isn’t a robot. That might be how she does it.